Hrithik Roshan

“A fun-filled, chaotic, emotional roller coaster that inspires us all to follow our hearts and turn our own dreams into reality. Definitely an entertaining read!”

John Abraham

Actor & Producer
“A rare, vivid glimpse of the inner workings of the Hindi Film Industry, laced with humour, passion and unexpected twists!!”

Farhad J. Dadyburjor

Hi! Blitz Magazine

“This is a light, breezy satire on the high glamour and low lives of Bollywood. It’s often difficult to capture the entirety of an industry that is so diverse and intrinsically bizarre in its workings, but the author (who has worked in the film industry in the past) offers a pretty good glimpse to the reader, often using humour as his tool.”

Booktica Blog

“A light-hearted engaging satirical take on the filmdom, the book simply flows on with numerous interesting real-life situations and the cocktail of love, betrayal, ambition, jealousy and tragedy making it a perfect pot-boiler like any bollywood action movie. There are characters and everyone has a role to play.”

Readers Club of Delhi

“If you are one for intelligent comedy, this one is for you.”

I Am Stri Blog

“The book was quite thrilling, with elements of humor, sarcasm, reality, romance, and melodrama sprinkled at places. A truly well-narrated story that is sculpted pristinely with a strong screenplay”

Pixels in Life Blog

“The story flows seamlessly, the language is easy to read and twists keep coming as small surprises through the book. From page 1 itself the story grips you and it is unlikely to leave the book midway once you start it.”

Writers Ezine Blog

“The presentation of the book is very casual and that is the strongest point of the book for that makes this book a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is light and breezy with lot of humorous moments.”

Conscientious Reflections Blog

“HiFi in Bollywood is an interesting, feel good novel. It succeeds in telling a simple story about realizing one’s dreams against odds. And as a bonus, it has a cameo by Salman Khan, if that interests you!”

Kim & Brajesh’s Bookshelf

“In this book, Rishi keeps up his comfortable writing style which makes the book easy to breeze through, but the story itself is much more interesting and told with a lot more authenticity. This genre seems like a natural one for him, given his background and the writing clearly reflects his comfort with his subject – Bollywood aka HiFi (Hindi Film Industry – a term introduced by Salman Khan, that has not yet caught on in the public imagination)”

Jigar Doshi Blog

“Once again, Bombay/Mumbai is vividly described in his writings. The lifestyles and the way people talk and behave in different parts of the city is something to marvel about. The writing is simple and lucid egging the reader to continue reading. The characters are so nicely crafted that they are instantly likable.”

Abhilash Ruhela Blog

“Rishi knows how to write a page-turner. I loved the way he built each and every character in the book even without wasting much time in describing their background and situation. That shows the amount of talent the author has.”