Book Blurb

“Autistic. psychotic. Schizophrenic….”

For the twenty four years of his life, these are some of the words “they” have used to describe Babloo. He knows his family agrees with “them” and he senses that he is different. He doesn’t hate people; he just cannot find the right way to connect with anyone, be it his parents, his arrogant upwardly-mobile younger brother or the bad boys from the Railway Colony who use him purely for entertainment value. Vandana is the only exception. She is the connecting thread to the kind of world he wants to live in. But how can he find a place for himself in her world? What can he do to make himself worthy of her?

Trying not to lose himself in the chaotic fast pace of Mumbai, Babloo finds simple pleasures in small things; walking on the Carter Road promenade, being in the middle of the swirling sea of commuters at Churchgate station; watching mindless erotic films in the dark, forgotten confines of adult theatres where he does not have to struggle to understand plots; following the seemingly endless railway tracks that scar the grimy, concrete encased city. A random twist of fate along these familiar train tracks brings jump4 loves face to face with the harsh reality of escalating crime in the local trains of Mumbai, and shakes him out of his apathy.

This mass fiction follows Babloo’s fascinating, heart rending journey that begins in the twisted, choked lanes of Mumbai and leads him into an open space where he can finally exhale, be born again!