Book Blurb

Pari and Jai live in Delhi and have been friends since they were in school, but Pari has never known that Jai has loved her deeply ever since he first saw her. And to a plain, slightly boring person such as himself, Pari has always seemed unattainable which is further reinforced when he sees her falling in love with another man, Ranvijay.


An interview for her dream job takes Pari to Mumbai where, within a few hours, things take a serious, horrific turn for the worse. She is kidnapped, beaten, drugged, intimidated and imprisoned for the sole purpose of being sold into the flesh trade. With no help from Ranvijay and armed with nothing but his deep love for Pari, Jai is determined to find her and bring her home.


Will Jai be able to find Pari? And before it’s too late?


Will this be the tragic story of Jai and Pari’s friendship or The Love Story They wrote?


A pulsating, romantic thriller that will make you believe in love…again…and again.