Prahlad Kakar

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“A man who lives in the wild fantasy of his mind. Shy, introverted and ineffectual. Surviving in the unforgiving landscape of Maximum City – Mumbai! Until one day, when fantasy and reality collide, changing his life forever! You’ll find bits of yourself in this book..”

Kabir Bedi

International & Bollywood Actor, “Cavaliere” (Knight) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

“Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai” is a fresh, well-plotted, human story about love against all odds in middle-class Mumbai, with a “hero” for whom you care deeply. It’s an entertaining read!”

The Afternoon

“A nice and interesting story with lots of middle-class values and happenings, with the good trying to overcome evil.”

Flash News Today

“A fast-paced book that catches the attention of the reader from the word go.”

Verve Magazine

“Through the twists in the tale, the characters get tied together by random plot developments. Pick it up to read a nice narrative….”

Vault of Books

“The story is amazingly written, a glimpse of which is visible in the blurb. His felicity with words is undeniable, and I liked how he drew me into the pages of the novel. The characterization was excellent. You come to care for them all, especially Babloo, and that is one quality in an author that is priceless.”

In Good Books

“With gossiping neighbours, a courtroom drama, love, heartbreak, villain-bashing, Mumbai’s endless train tracks, media frenzy and even a ‘superhero’, the author keeps the reader hooked. For his debut novel, Vohra has done a neat job with nicely fleshed out characters. The plot is inventive and the language, effortless.”

Word’s Worth

“Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai is a light read, where the plots and sub-plots have been very nicely spun. Good, simple language and characters to identify with at some levels, make it enjoyable for readers. The author got into the protagonist Babloo’s head so well, that as a reader, after a point, I started thinking like he would, as the story progressed.”

Farhad J. Dadyburjor

Hi! Blitz Magazine
“Funny, moving and set against the hustle-bustle of Mumbai, this debut novel is a unique coming-of-age tale.”

Jasmeet C. Dugal

Explosive Fashion
“‘Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai’ is a well-oiled machine with a laser focus on what l’d describe as ‘the power of parents and friends to nurture or destroy.’ Rishi Vohra’s book is about winning… continuing… pushing forward inexorably. He is a talented writer with a gift for simple language and an admirable mechanism to show and not tell.”

Spectral Hues

“The novel has a fresh story line which is well plotted and well told. It is written in very simple language which lets every reader connect effectively with the story; the reader never gets lost in a bewildering maze of words. The story unravels itself with unpredictable twists and turns which keep the readers glued to their chairs with the book firmly in their hands.”

The Flirting Kaapi

“Be it madness or responsible, justice-seeking or righteous, everyone who reads Babloo’s story will be able to relate to a part of his personality. A feel-good book that reinforces your hope about all being never lost till you have self for yourself is a good read. Specially for a debut, Rishi Vohra has dished out a good novel.”

Sapna’s Blog

“All the characters are well-developed. And the plot is good too. The author seems to know exactly what works. For me the book is a winner. I finished the book in one go.”

Reshmy Pillai

The Tales Pensieve
“Rishi Vohra makes a remarkable debut with conventional sounding characters, average Indian middle class settings and a well-written common man’s uncommon story. The writing has a visual quality to it, which makes the book like a 70 mm of words.”

Sreyoshi Dey

The Telegraph
“The book is quite a first in the “within Rs. 200″ genre of Indian writing. The superhero aspect is quite unique for an Indian author and the book is quite a fast read.”

Rupertt Wind

Pages off Life
“In a way, ‘Once upon the tracks of Mumbai’ is more about self than anything else. A good book, simple and sensible is a book worth reading and has a small feel good factor about it.”

Maliny Mohan

Chasing Passions
“It’s hard to believe that this is the author’s debut work of fiction, the reasons being the extra ordinary plot and the enticing style of writing. The writing style is lucid, with the author indulging deeper into the subtleties of Babloo’s thought processes thus sprinkling a layer of elegance over the words. The characters are dissected to its deepest level which in turn imparts a classy edge to the writing.”

Kofykat’s Beauty and Fashion Diary

“It’s been a very long time since I read a book this good by an Indian Author. He seems to have put a lot of thought and work into this book and it has really paid off. The writing style in different, entrapping and the descriptions are vivid to the point that you get what the character is thinking.”